print diagram from document handling


I setup the document handling for “File” type using the “Archive directory”. Let say the folder is store in C:\Temp. I attach a jpeg file to an item. AX will auto upload jpeg file to the destinate folder.

I want to create a report of the item and also print the jpeg diagram. Do any have any class or method that i can use to print diagram from external folder?

Pls advice.

Make use of this code

display DocuValueFile ItemImage()
DocuRef docuRef;
DocuValue docuValue;
BinData binData = new BinData();
DocuValueFile fileVlaue;
DocuType docuType;

select firstOnly docuRef where
docuRef.RefRecId == InventTable.RecId
join fileName,fileType from docuValue where
docuValue.RecId == docuRef.ValueRecId;

select ArchivePath from docuType where
docuType.TypeId == “File”;
fileVlaue = binData.getData();
return fileVlaue;

Thanks Kranthi, i will try it.

it works. thanks a lot.