Print Cost Center name when prints 'CustInvoiceJour' report selecting "Print totals only" in Print options dialog box

Hi all,

I’m trying to print a report “CustInvoiceJour” using Cost Center as my criteria and in print options selecting “Print totals only”.

When I print this report, this report shows only sum / total values along with the criteria ‘Cost Center’ (financial dimension).

Here in this report I tried to print “Cost Center” with its description but couldn’t get the result.

Please let me know how do I print this dimension description.

I wrote method to get this description value from Dimensions table but seems when select “Print totals only”, it shows only numerical values along with the search criteria.


Can anyone help me out in this?


What is the report name (in AOT)?

Hi Kranthi,

Its name is “CustInvoiceJour”.


I don’t see the print total only in the standard report are they any changes to the standard report.

Hi Kranthi

Its in standard report.

When you click on the report, it opens dialog box and then you click on ‘Select button’ to enter the criteria. Again a new dialog box opens and it has “Print options” tab where you select PRINT TOTALS ONLY.

I don’t see any total in the standard report and the report is doesn’t shows any data when print totals is selected.

There should be some changes to the standard report.

Hi Kranthi,

If you see my first print screen you will find there total values along with the financial dimension id.

Any ways I solve this issue by using query and here I group the financial dimension (Product project), using this query and calculate the total amount for each financial dimension (PP) using display method in the report gets our required report.

Thanks Kranthi for your follow ups and support.