Print Check

Can someone help me to answer my question? When I print check, on the top and bottom of the check stub is printing correct.

On the check itself the amount spell out correctly, but the amount did not print and date print, but there was 2/3/2012 MMDDYY print next to it.

For example, 2/3/2012 MMDDYY and $**(no amount print).

Can you please help me to point what screen do I need to check for part set up check print?

Thank you for your help.

In standard NAV report 1401 - check prints…

If you are using localization then make sure there is no localzed report developed for it…



Now, the check print with the amount, but date still print 2/3/2012 MMDDYY. Where do I need to look for to remove MMDDYY?

Thank you

First, may I know the object ID.

Go to Sections and select the Text box which is printing date, select properties and check what is in Sourceexpression property