Print bar codes


Can anyone help me with this!?

I need to print bar codes in Nav 4. how can I do that? Thank you, I’m new in this stuf so if anyone can help me I’ll appreciate.


we do it using a barcode font. If you look around on the internet, you can find some free barcodefonts (I used ‘Free 3 of 9’ in a project). There are also barcode fonts for sale. The advantage of buying one could be that you can have support, updates, … and I even saw one with an according dll or ocx, including some functions to check if the barcode is valid.

hope this will help you

I have been using the azalea bar code fonts in one project to print to standard laser printers ( At that time back the price was reasonable, and you were also allowed to buy a kind of reseller option to sell the font within your add-on. If you want to print labels you should consider the purchase of a special label printer, e.g. datamax ( which already come with the barcode font.


I have written a complex solution using a bunch of setup and codeunits to work everything out and write to a text file in a barcode type language (like Post Script) and then push the file to the barcode printer port (e.g. Com1). Scrap any thought of repeating my mistake of attempting this!!

I then later discovered the barcode fonts (my above solutions was 4-5 years ago and improvements have been made). Anyway barcode fonts are great. The only catch is having to work out the check digit etc and using Navision characterset for special characters is not great (tip: use Text Constants for special characters). You can find some free ones or buy its up to you how much help you require.

One last thing, you can buy printers (e.g. TEC or Toshibe - I have used before, or ones mentioned in other replies), and these printers should come with their own Fonts pre-installed so you can use them in Navision. If you want to print barcodes with normal printers then you have to use barcode fonts.

We use 3of9 also - don’t forget to add the *'s around the field you want to scan

also I found the barcode generator Kicks butt (or us)
free Download

An Now I see there is another available

Happy Coding!