print at the bottom of page

Hello! Is it possible to force a non-footer section(body) to be printed at the bottom of the page like a footer? If so please help how… thnx, lp prosen

You can use TransFooter section if it’s what you want.

Dear Prosen Add 1 more dataitem(Integer table) before the dataitem of non-footer section(body) and make a filter like this blanklines.SETRANGE(Number,1,(20-“Purchase Line”.COUNT)); It will take you to the footer.

Dear Prosen, to force a footer always that does not belong to any dataitem that u have currently is achieved a below Add first dataitem as integer and add one to indent the existing one and make a footer of the integer and print the section on every page. Set the filter for integer to one iteration

Thanx u guys… lp prosen