Print Ascii Characters

How can i print a Document in ascii characters format instead of graphics. Thanks for help.

No way to do so from within navision ! Navision uses the printer driver to print out data. Perhaps you try it with an old “needle”-printer driver? Sometimes there is also a printer driver called ASCII-Printer in the OS.

If your need is to print directly to LPT1, LPT2 and so on, you can declare a file variable, then open it and write. For ex. this trick is useful with barcode printers that use EPLII language. FileStampa is a file datatype variable Content is a text datatype var. FileStampa.TEXTMODE:=TRUE; FileStampa.WRITEMODE:=TRUE; //if PrinterCode is like ‘LPTx’ prints the file, otherwise create it on the specified path //as a physical file IF STRPOS(PrinterCode,‘LPT’)=0 THEN FileStampa.CREATE(PrinterCode) ELSE FileStampa.OPEN(PrinterCode); FileStampa.WRITE(Content); FileStampa.CLOSE; Be careful, for certain escape chars in the output you may have to switch in binary mode the file and then resume with the textmode. Does it help?

Thanks Domenico. That’s very usefull solution.[8)]

You’re welcome. Last hint: if you navision version is above 3.01 you can use Outstream objects too, take a look in the C/side reference guide. BYE :wink: