Print and Print Preview

Hi One of our customers has reported a very strange problem: When they tried to print a report, there were nothing printed out, but if they previewed it and then printed from the print preview, it is then OK. Our customer is using Navision (3.01B) via citrix, and it happens for some users, not all. I doubt it is a Navision problem, but before I pass it to citrix guy, I’d like to know if anyone has seen this problem and any solutions. Thanks in advance

Dear Loan Phan Just tried to create new report with attachmment of printer and same navision (3.01B) via citrix and check, Because some times may be some problem of initilizing Printer Thanks

We have had a similar problem. When the report is printed it creates a file called IP_192.168.219.206, in the default directory, rather than sending the print job to the printer with the IP address This is an intermittant problem which we haven’t got to the bottom of yet.