Print all Sales Orders Problem

In a new report with:

DataItem Name
Sales Shipment Line
Sales Line

I want to print all my sales orders in a period, posted and open ones.

How can I avoid repeated lines in my report?

At this moment, when a sales order is on both tables, Sales Shipment Line and Sales Line, i have repeated lines in my report body.


Hi Luana,

This is happening because either you haven’t Invoiced(/ or partial invoiced/ partially shipped )the Sales Order, that is why SO is still there.

OK, but how can I say to my report to print all sales Shipment lines and print sales lines but the ones that are not posted?

There are following fields in Sales Line table, which can be decision maker for this report:


Qty. Shipped

Qty. to Ship

Qty. Invoiced

Qty. to Invoice

Discuss with the user and take a decision on logic for printing. May be yoiu can SKIP the record if “Qty.the Ship” is 0 (means fully shipped)