print all lines to one page in report

Hi All,

I have created a report in ax2009 and it displays the report with each line in different pages…

i.e. 1) In page 1 → Line 1 is printed with all logo,heading and footer ,

  1. In page 2 - > Line 2 with all…

My requitrement is i should get the lines printed in one page only.

any idea? please do suggest !!!


You should manage your report manually with a fetch method, it will allow you to manage pagination with loops to add your lines and programmable sections: for ex:

public boolean fetch()
boolean ret;

QR = new QueryRun(query); //your report’s datasource

if (element.prompt())
WMSPickingRoute = QR.get(tablenum(WMSPickingRoute)); //add table to datasource
this.send(WMSPickingRoute); //send to buffer that populate report sections

while …select your lines


element.executeSection(your_section); //execute report section

element.newPage(); etc etc


ret = super();

return ret;


hope it helps



Hi Thomas,

Is there any7 proerties that i need to change for this manually?

At first i got lines printed in one page… but after me making some changes in the generated design → edit → manually… i did not get lines printed in one page…

Hi lilly,

First of all,if you are using page header and page footer, then dont use page header and page footer as it will be generated in every pages so instead use Header and Footer only and the problem that every line is printed in new page,for that try to keep the height of body section as minimum as possible so that maximum entries could be printed on a single page.

HI Lalit,

Thanks for the reply… i got it solved…

But one more problem. All the lines are been printed in one page… but after lines i have created two horizontal Lines and insertde one text and one amount Field.

but these two fields with horizontal shapes are been printed twice or thrice for many lines,

but for a single line its been printed only once… which is correct…

How to rectify this?

It gets printed that many times as much as number of items you will be having that means the number of items printed,same number of times that will be repeated .

And i think you have taken that horizontal lines in your body section so instead take that horizontal line and that two fields in the footer section of the report and it will be printed only once after that .

Hi Lalit,

Thanks for your timely reply… I solved my long time issue…

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Always welcome liily …