Print 2 times the same Report

Hi, I like to automatically print 2 times the same report, when the user click on the “Print” button, whitout ask him to use the “option” tab and insert the number of copy. Thanks, Luc

Put an integer data item as the first data item in the report with a max iteration of 2

You can this report make as Global Variable in othe form, what calls it twice. By first time let show Request form, by second disapear it, but give parameters, if need.

Dear NavNav (is dit Vlaams?[:D]), I tried your solution at once (I have the same question), but it doesn’t work. Is this al we need to do in the data item? Groeten, Michiel

Have a look at report 206 Invoice for an example of how Navision solved this. If you assign the variable NoOfCopies a value of 2 and delete everything on the request form you should be there.