Primary Stock Dimensions

In AX 2012 - As part of our set up (configured by a now defunct third party) we specified that all receipts into the business should have mandatory Batch and Location. Since we go live we have over 58000 batches created successfully and with occasional issue where items seem to book into stock with out these dimensions specified. It was not considered important as it was low value, but in last month we have had 4 similar problems where stock has been somehow registered without mandatory stock dimensions and it cannot be explained and the value of the stock is over 25,000 Euros so now it is big problem. We have spent hours trying to replicate the issue in our testing environment without success to identify the possible cause. But the problem remains that if we do not know how it happened we also cannot reverse it so we have 25,000 Euros of stock we cannot do anything with.

All stock removal programs do not work. You can reserve the stock with out the batch and location but when you come to pick it, the update is cancelled as no batch or location is specified. This happens on every type of adjustment/counting journal.

Where the stock booked in is the only stock available, picking routes are generated with out batch and locations - but when you update the order to delivered the update is also cancelled as not batch or location is specified.

Anyone got any ideas how stock is being receipted without mandatory dimensions ? - and how we can successfully remove the stock ? - Or do I have to consider a data fix ?