Pricing of Navision--???

Hi Nirupama, I saw a reply from you abt Navision pricing… Thought i should start a new topic … Frankly speaking is it only “Navision Pricing” thats stopping Navision to fire in india or is it the real awareness or ERP and what it could do to you. And the thought that investing of so much money on a solution will bring out returns only at later time rather than instantly. DOnt you think this is the general feelings in the Mid Market scenario. cheers venax…

Hi Venu, thanks for the initiative. erp selling has got more to do with erp awareness first. where ever the top level is clear on the benefits of erp, selling is easier. however where this awareness is lacking the scene is tougher. the target sector, the ‘SME’ in india is different ‘and’ it is ‘price smart’. the users in most sme’s may not be computer literate hence the enterprise owner can easily see the user resistance influencing the sucess of an implementation. in that case the solution maybe to restrict the scope of an implementation to begin with. secondly navision is yet a beginner in India and an NSC may have fewer reference sites where it has implemented navision itself. I guess finally it is only a question of time we know things move at a slower pace in our part of the world :). regards

Hi, Have you heard anything about “Standard Edition” for the Indian Market. What you have in Standard Edition is huge discount on License Price which should make it attractive to sell in price sensitive market. As far as the Information I have, its applicable only for “North American Market”.

It really does not matter which country you are in, selling Navision always follows the same path. In the early days, there are no (local) references, and a lack of expereinced implementation staff (I do not mean programmers, it is ALWAYS a lack of implementors that cause start up problems, not programmers). So to justify lack of sales, start ups try to use pricing as a tool (which it is not). Then once business starts going well, NSCs realize that with low pricing heavy discounts, and “freebie work”, it is very difficult to give customers the level of support and service they require, so then they feel that low pricing is the issue. Navision pricing is market competitive, and is about where it needs to be. I know it is tough to get started in a new country, (having done it 5 or 6 times now), but go with it, work with it, and you will get there. Just remember, don’t start discounting and giving away services, otherwise you will not have the funds avaialabel to give clients what they deserve. Good luck.

Hi All, There has been a price rationalization on MBS Products ( Navision / Axapta)in India recently ( eff 30th May 2003) , i think it happened by 15 may in the other parts of the world. As of now there have been almost a dozen closures in india in the last 2 months.Things are appearing to look good. PRICE is never an issue when it comes to closure oflate .Its only that the partners need to get slightly more experienced, as most have entered this arena for the first time and are slowly settling down. So expect lot of Action from Navision India. Cheers navi_mbs

Hi all, to begin with pricing as such is a factor but not the major issue in sales. as we see already the issue has resolved partially with a new list. but as pointed out it is only a test of time, patience and implementation experience as projects start rolling in. so we need to concentrate on functional and ‘implementation’ issues as well on the India forum. regards

Hi All, I would also like to point out the Prospect QUalification process in India needs a different yard stick. A Large Company in India may only be a SME else where in the world considering the number of Users and the Annual Turnover of the Company (in USD). Although the Navision Pricing is based on a Global SME segment, this may not apply to the Indian Market. More over, now that SAP, BaaN, Oracle are all produced (developed) in India they can afford to give a new pricing for the Indian Market. For Eg: SAP can be very very cheaper than Navision for the same number of users and Granules. But a lot has to attributed to the ERP awareness too. It is not Easy to sell to Local Indian Companies, but You can sell to Multinationals based with a plant or an office in India.

I think the biggest issue in India is the organisation structure.Because of the CST most of the organisations operate out of multiple branch offices. Connectivity of the branch offices to the head office is an issue which escaltes the total project cost. In addition the customers are trying to buy a product instead of buying a solution which involves the service cost. Globally the cost of Navison Implementaion would be atleast in the ratio of 1:1 for the software:service whereas in India the general rule as of now is 1: 0.5 Things are changing and navision players are on the learning curve. I am sure in the next two years there is going to be a lot of activity in the Indian market.

Hi All, Do you guys think that a Standard Edition with limited functionality , and with a shorter implementation cycle ( Def at a lesser price) improve the market for Navision in India . How has been the response to Standard Edition world wide. Cheers navi_mbs

hi, I do not know about the navision pricing, is it one off or customer will have to get the license renewed every year.

Hi Ajay, Do you mean to say that the License(file) your client is issue expires every year and you need to get a new one at a Price? or The client needs to pay every year a fee towards license renewal?(Is it the same as we refer as Upgrade fee or anything else?)

Hi Mohammad, Yes, i think so , client will have to pay every year in the name of upgrade or support, does not matter he wants upgrade/support or not.


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Hi Mohammad, Yes, i think so , client will have to pay every year in the name of upgrade or support, does not matter he wants upgrade/support or not.

Every customer has to pay for upgrades and support, BUT when a customer doesn’t want to pay for support, which might happen, he is able to work with his current license untill the end of days. A customer license never expires, at least that is what I understood…

Very few customers in India want to pay for the charge out rates of ERP consultants . Specially the SME customers. The pricing of Navision in India is fairly competitive and much lower than the other markets in the world.


The pricing of Navision in India is fairly competitive and much lower than the other markets in the world.

I agree with that oberoi[:)]. The price which seems to be competitive when compared to the other markets of the world is considered to be high (when compared to other software products (not solutions)).[B)] Let us expect that the scenario will change in the near future. Hope that business groups prefer solutions to mere products[8)]

From my pre-sales experience in India, I would like to comment that MBS-Navision is overpriced for SME’s. As repeatedly marked by Nirupama we have to be patient and see how we mature in our implementation process and try our best. Is Microsoft thinking in this direction…price part as a part of their marketing strategy…We are all in dark of what is happening at Microsoft level and how are NSC’s be affected with their strategy. Any information guys??? Amit, G’nagar

Replying to Amit’s message, I think there is no doubt that Microsoft will price Navision very attractively for small businesses in India in the coming months. Look at the facts : 1. In the Oracle vs Dept of Justice case,last week MBS Sr. VP Doug Burgum testified that “Steve Ballmer see more profits in selling to smaller companies and has asked him to focus on that, Burgum added. “Microsoft’s strength is low-price, high-volume packaged software, (serving) hundreds of millions of customers–not tens of thousands of customers,” as SAP and Oracle do.” I think that’s a very clear mmessage where Navision is headed - and I think it’s good because volumes will increase. 2. If MBS wants to play in the upper mid-market, it can do so with Axapta. Hence it is very likely that MBS will push Navision very aggressively in the small business segment. 3. Currently there is no major action in the lower end of the mid-mmarket and hence no player is taking an agressive stand. However, we will soon see this segment ‘alive and kicking’ once players like SAP’s BusinessOne and ACCPAC get active. Look forward to a lot of action in the Rs. 1 to Rs. 10 lakh segment. In my opinion, within the next 1 year you will be able to get any of the above products for under Rs. 10 lakhs all inclusive. It’s like the automobile industry - where features like automatic transmissions and power sterring’s were initially only available in on the big cars. But today even an entry level car like the Santro has all these options.That’s how technology moves. It’s about time that small businesses got a taste of world class software ! Vikram

Hey Guys…Can anyone send me the pricing sheet for the Navision Standard for India. I have requested Navision India lots of time, but no result. Guys please help. Amit Nirantare

Alternatively try downloading it from the partnersguide ! Regards, Srinivas Shetty