Pricing of NAV?

Hi all,

Sorry if I am posting in the wrong location. We are a small consulting firm with only 5 users for now (all consultants), with needs in terms of financial project management (preparing estimates, tracking time and expenses, billing, etc.) and from what I was able to understand of MS Dynamics NAV, it seem to fit the bill and more. It is especially attractive since it seem to integrate well with Exchange/Outlook (which we use a lot).By the way we have SBS 2003 and SQL Server 2005 (if this is relevant).

Now, to my question. Amazingly, we have been unable to find any information whatsoever on the pricing of the system. Not even the vaguest hint. MS is apparently very very shy about the pricing of the Dynamics system. Just how much does it costs (with the above in mind) is what we want to know – well at least an estimate of that.

Many thanks in advance

Ask your local dealer for exact prices - but now M$ pricing policy happens to be more or less moderate, no more $$$ for a minimal granule, they have 2 packages now - and price now is dependant on count of users (simultaneous, not named)

Check a local Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner and they should give product pricing. Microsoft Dynamics NAV also needs consulting services which you should consider it in final price.

Nuno and Modris,

Thank you for the precision of your answers. As an estimate of the cost, that was truly useful.

Well ok I AM being a bit ironic. But alright I understand that one just has to talk to a reseller to have an idea of the cost. Right now I don’t even know if this thing, with the setup I described to you, could cost 3000, 15000 or 40000€.

Anyway, thank you for trying

When you ask a quote to any VAR it probably will supply you official Excel file with price options. Microsoft NAV final prices aren’t supposed to be public available since implementation processes are quite different from traditional of of box software. Consulting services can became more expensive than software licenses