Pricing by Requested Delivery Date

I need to adjust pricing for my Sales Order based on the Requested Delivery Date. I would like to be able to update the pricing in my trade agreements and include the appropriate effective dates and have the Sales Order automatically pull the correct price.

For example, I enter a Sales Order on Monday that will be delivered on Friday. At the time that I enter the Sales Order, the correct pricing for Friday is not in the system. On Tuesday I enter the correct pricing and effective dates. Can AX automatically calculate the newly entered, correct price on my Sales Order when it is entered?

I believe the answer in No. When the price agreement is updated, it doesn’t check the open SO lines and which i think is correct.

However, if price group is changed on SO header, then system prompts for update of unit price (Depends on AR parameter, update). I think you may require similar functionality when the price is updated.


Any cascading of prices from a trade agreement to an open order would be a customization.