Prices Includes VAT...has anyone ever used it ?

Has anyone done something to make this work in Financials? It would be nice no be able to setup a RETAIL Price list for your items with Prices Inclusive of VAT. But it really back calculates the Amount and VAT in a funny way… By the way it seems to work in Attain.

It IS working in Attain. The complete VAT calculation is new in Attain (not based on the line VAT calculation like in Financials anymore). You even can change the VAT amount (header based) if you want. But, sorry, I have no solution for your problem.

It “works” in 2.6 also, but it is the roundings. The system back calulates the Amount, rounds it(I suppose this is correct in a way) and then applies the VAT. That gives me unwanted decimals. Maybee I’m just picky !