PriceDiscTable.AccountRelation lookup

Hi everybody, Hope you all have a great new year. Does anybody knows how it works with PriceDiscTable.AccountRelation lookup? I can see it does lookup differently when I change AccountCode. I need to do the same on my table. But I don’t know how. Thanks

Hi, i dont know if you have solved this issue but accountrealtion depends on the account code. What is a TableGroupAll enum. I hope this problem is solved and you had find your solution. If not do not hesitate to post again.

Hi, I have the same problem, like Khue Trinh has. (It’s not answered yet)

I see that different lookups showed up on the AccountRelation field depending on the AccountCode field actual value.

I think that the different lookup implementation (on the AccountRelation field) is on the PriceDiscTable table but I can’t find the code that implements it.

Can anybody tell me where and which part of code implements this functionality?