Price variance.


I have set price tolarance for 5% in the AP parameters. I created a PO with $100. I done packing slip for the PO.

Now before doing invoice, I changed the purchase price to $150.

It showed me price mismatch before i do invoice in the invoice form.

Now i am ready to accept this price mismatch,How to accept this.What should i do inorder to accept this price variance.


let me know which version of AX you are using. If it’s 2012, On vendor Invoice form, click review tab>Matching details, in that you will find a check box “approve variance” something. approve it and post your invoice.

Hi Santosh ,

Before we accept in the invoice form , do i need to do any configuration ?

If yes , Could you explain ?

I remember, no configuration is required to approve the variance. If you are seeing the “Match variance” caution mark on your vendor invoice, then you can directly go to specific place and approve it.

Hi sathosh,

Sorry for late reply. I got ur answer. Thanks.