Price unit Vs Price Qty

Hi All ,

What is the difference between Price unit Vs Price Qty in the sell or purchase tab of Released Products form ?

price unit: price for the number of units

Ex: If you set price as $100 and price unit as “2”, that means your price is 100 for 2 units.

If you create a PO for 10 quantity, you will see the unit price as “100” but your net amount shows you $500.

Price quantity: this field must be placed in “charges” field group as it is related charges.

Specified Misc charges are per how much quantity.

Ex: If you specify price charges as “10” and price quantity as “10”, your charges per piece is 1

If you create a PO, you will see unit price as “101”

Note: I remember there is a bug in this process.

Hi Santosh,

I have an issue related to Item Price Calculation for an item. Scenario is listed below,

For item A for which we have activated the price “X” on dated 29/08/13 through Costing version activation (Path: Item Price > Calculation > Activate).

Then again today we have activated price “Y” for the same item (Activation date is : 17/09/2013).

Now today I am creating a Sales order for item “A” for which the unit price is coming as “X” instead of “Y” (which is the latest active price)

Thanks in advance.


Nitin Patel