Price rounding problem in new company

I’m creating a new company and am encountering an annoying problem when I create purchase and sales order lines. On the GL Setup table, I have invoice rounding precision and amount rounding precision set to 0.01, which I would expect to allow me to enter prices to the nearest penny. However, when I raise a new purchase order for an item, the direct unit cost for the line is being rounded up to the nearest pound. This rounding is happening regardless of whether I have the invoice rounding checkbox checked on the P&P setup. If I change the direct cost on the line, it holds the correct cost, without rounding. Any ideas whether I’ve missed something in the setup, or if something else is at play here? The database was created on 3.6.

Hi Skippy Is it a currency order? Rounding comes from the currency table in this instance. You might want to check the amount decimal places - is this set to 2:2? Have a look at the table - the form does not display all the fields and depending upon where you are depends upon the setting.

Thanks Steven, The company I’m experimenting with is still very basic, so the orders are just being raised in local currency. However, your comment about not all fields being displayed made me think. I was running the table from object designer so could view all fields but because I had an earlier made a (wrongly as things turned out) correlation between my problem and the invoice rounding precision field, I was ignoring the Unit Amount Rounding Precision field. For some reason, this contained a value of 1. I changed this to 0.01 and my costs now appear correctly. Furthermore, when I compared this field with another company, I changed it to reflect this value which is 0.00001. Which now begs a further question. Why would this field have been initialized to 1 when I created the new company? Luckily I spotted the problem before I posted any invoices, otherwise I would have had real problems. Thanks again Steven.

Hi Skippy It is probably the default setting of a new company. I always set it to 0.01 so it must be something else before this!