Price only credit memos

How do users deal with the following? A customer buys an item for $2000 and is invoiced for it. Later, we need to pass a price adjustment credit because they should have paid only $1900. We require the $100 adjustment to update the sales statistics for both the item and the customer; further it also affects the sales rep’s commission. What is the EASY way to process this credit? Surely I do not have to do a fake return to inventory and a fake re-invoice out if inventory at the new price? That changes the due date of the original sale. Any hints are welcome!! [:)]

To correctly impact all of the required areas, I think that a return and re-invoice is the easiest way. I usually find it easiest to do this on the original order - add two lines, one for the return with negative qty at the issued price and another for the new issue at the correct price, then post them together so that both appear on the credit document for the customer. I guess you could achieve the same using the adjustment of transactions function in the stock periodic activities but I don’t see it being any easier and you won’t get the appropriate credit document ($100) for the customer.

Hello Adam, I am new user on Axapta since 2003. I think the way to credit with old price and re-issue with the new price in old SO is OK for Sales, but what´s happened on cost price? Items with Serial number are OK, you can enter return lot ID or Cost Price. For Items with Moving Average Price I am not sure how to do. The return cost price must be the same as in the re-issued invoice. Do you have any Idea how to deal with this? Best regards, Willi

I’m not sure I understand your problem. If you are not happy with the cost price assigned to any transaction, all I can suggest is that you use the ‘close and adjust’ function to amend the cost price.

hi Len did u get the solution. Please do share here so that we all can be aware of the possibilities, if such type of cases we come across. Thanks & regards

In the end, we decided not to modify the system, but the desired process. In other words, return the item to inventory and re-invoice it at the correct price. A major factor was that the process is not a frequent event, thus modifying the system was not acceptable.

Hi There, There is other issue will affect the sales rep’s commission as well. I don’t know how to give a reasonable calculation to credit memo, if the credit memo’s item number is Allow-Coop, Co-op allowance 5% adv. Cheers, Gem Han