Price of the Item

Hi All

i have describe the purchase price of the item, check mark for the purchase latest price and using the inv. model group of Weighted average. Now i make the transaction like the price of the item is 100 it is showing 0.1.

can you tell me why it is happening, why the price is getting automatically so less.



It is coming from a trade agreement or the item card, you will need to tell us how it is actually setup - any TA and if not what is the price unit on the item card? You should also state your version as this changes.

no trade agrrement on Item Card,price unit is 1, version mean…

Press the price button on the item card and look at the details.

If it is not from the item card, trade agreement or item price and is returning a price differnet you have either modified it or are not looking at the data you created correctly.