Price Inclusive of Sales Tax Computation in PO

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Can anyone can help me on this matter. can you provide me what exactly code to get the Solution No. 2

Below is the sample for PO customization for PO transactions. What Purchasing Deparment knows is the VAT-inclusive price, but w/o EWT. In AX Standard, ax will compute as Purchases = 11,200/1.11 = 10,090.09, VAT = 1,210.81, EWT = (100.90).

1. 1. Create a new field where Purchasing will input the unit price, VAT inc, ewt exc. (name it Worx_UnitPrice)

2. 2. The Unit Price (AX Standard field) value should be your Worx_UnitPrice / ( 1 + the rate of the VAT selected for every PO line)

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