Price /discount journal AX2012

In price /discount journal, it shows selling price of the products for Z customer , but in trade agreement (Sales& Marketing> All Customer> Sell tab> Agreement) it show empty.

It is set up issue or need amendment in coding?

Can anyone teach me the set up for this?

Please help. Thanks a lot.

Hi Zee,

In Trade Agreement you will get the value only when you post the TradeAgreement.

If you need to see the Process you can refer to the following Links below:

Thanks & Regards

Pranav Gupta

Hi Pranav Gupta,

Thanks for your reply. Actually there are Test and Live environment. Everything is going fine in Test environment but in Live there is problem in viewing agreement.

I have checked the set up the link u provided. All is same in test and live environment.

But dunno why still cant view the agreement from customer account> agreement.


Hi Zee,

Have you check the Layer and Model of both your Test & Live, sometime it happens if the Layer & Model in both are not same.

Thanks & Regards


Is the journal posted?

If it is at what level is the price - customer, group or all?