price changes on when converting quote to order

Hi everyone

Can someone help on this please…

I take a quote with the price list, I change the price.
I turn the quote into an order.
I change the delivery address: at the time I lose the negotiated price, and the original price are displayed: I have to re-enter my negotiated prices.

thank you

In standart SO changing the Ship-To address doesn’t change anything else than data related to this address.

Existing SO Lines are recalculated, if you change the Sell-To or Bill-To customers - and that is logical, as prices (and probably discounts) can be set per Customer. And it doesn’t matter, how SO was created - directly or from SQ.

So - what are you changing? If it is really only ship-to, then your system is modified.

Alan - subject is misleading in your post - described problem arise not when creating SO from SQ, but later, when you change Ship-To address in SO…

Or have I understood you incorrectly?