price approvals

We have done a customization in Nav 5.0 for generating a particular Item number. We call this functionality Item Catalog card. The commecial team sets recommended sales price of the item in the item catalog card. Well since the item has not been purchased so when they create the item they create with zero selling price. When the PO is set and the cost is approved and they receive the item then they set the selling price of the item.

But due to the heavy volume of the purchase orders when they set prices then the approval from the higher management must be taken for which they make excel sheet and then send it for approval once approved they set the prices.

My executive management wants that this process should be automated. The user should enters the PO number and he gets all the items in the PO with direct unit cost, piece of cake, done by then they say that when we enter the recommended sales price an automatic approval email should be sent to the higher management for approval with all the prices and when they approve then it should be approved automatically and also set in the item card.

Can somebody help on this issue?


Since your Purchase Orders are already in NAV, I don’t quite understand why you have to the export your PO in Excel for Approval ?

Why don’t you use NAV standard Approval module ?so you basically get the manager to sign into NAV, check out the PO, check out that all mandatory fields have been fields (cost/prices) and then run the approval process in NAV against each PO there.

The beauty of such a process is that you’ve got a real time sign-off and no back & forth E-mail.

I agree with you but PO actually corresponds to what we are paying to the customer which is known as cost of the item but i am talking about the selling price of the item which is not at all considered in the PO especially when it is a first purchase. Thats why they make an excel sheet mentioning the Item No., cost price and the suggested selling price and gets the approval for the selling price before selling it in the showroom.

I hope this will help

OK you can do one thing . You can create an excel sheet based on Sales Price form, (Item Card-> Sales → Sales Price) , fill this excel sheet with items and their prices etc (same way as you would fill Sales Price form) and then send this excel sheet to management, after getting the approval on prices import this excel sheet to sales price by dataport. If any changes have to be made in prices, change in the prices in excel sheet and import. Is this helpful?