Preview button on report


I’d like preview my report before printing, what can I do to display a preview button on the report ?

NAV Reports all have a preview button, unless they are a processing only report. And if they are processing only there is nothing to preview.

No, my report isn’t processing only !!! I created my own report and I don’t see preview button !!? I saw something like currReport.preview in some forums, but I didn’t understand how can use it :s

You want print the report after preview only and not directly…

Is this what your requirement?

Or you are not able see preview button itself in report?

Can you a screenshot?

I’m not able to see the preview button in report !

What buttons can you see?

Can you please share screenshot?


I put a screen shot in attached files, as you can see I don’t have any button to preview my report before printing !

this is because of Currreport.PREVIEW statement in your report coding…

If it is used any where in your report coding then you cant see those buttons any more…

That’s right, thank you !


Please verify the post…