Preventing use of 'ESCAPE' on FORM

I’ve created a form for some user input, where I will be apple to force the user to type in. Therefore I do not wan’t then possibility of leaving the form via ‘ESC’. Is there any way of blocking the ‘ESC’ on a form? (3.70) [?]

If you code in the trigger OnQueryCloseForm this will trap any attempt to close the form (pressing ESC, closing the form using the close button etc.)

Hi Jensthomsen, As Steven said, the best way is to use OnQueryCloseForm (it fires as soon as the user tries to close the form, but before the form is made invisible. If it returns TRUE, the form will be closed, and otherwise (FALSE) it will not. You can place code to check the form status and then return the appropriate value to allow the form to close or stop from closing.). Good luck with it [:D]