Preventing repeating entries in a report


Im new to Navision development and have a question im hoping cn be amswered here.

I have a change request to complete from the financial department.

Basically, they want to modify the Vendor pricing catalogue report, basically there are multiple entires of the same item product codes appearing on the report. They only want to see it once. From my limited understanding , they seem to want the product code shown once according to the Replenishment purchase unit.

I’ve been thrown in the deep end with loads of other stuff to get done also , so any help with this would be great, as i don’t have the courage to ask the senior programmers as they are so busy.

Are you talking about report 720? If so, in “Purchase Price”, OnAfterGetRecord put the following code:

IF "Unit of Measure Code" <> Item."Purch. Unit of Measure" THEN

thanks Anna,

Im just after logging on , i will try that and let you know how i get on.


The report im actually working on is the Vendor price Catalogue, but they are very similar, the code code you gave me solved half my problem so thanks so much for that. Part two is i want to eliminate old starting dates, so i can display only the newest purchase price, which seems to be sorted according to its starting date. The programming language im most firmilar with is java but i have been told that this is more of a hindrance to me than a help.

Any help with a quick way to do this would be great… thanks again

Hi Learner07,

Can be done like this… (there are a lot of other ways, but this is the simplest to descripe)

New Global Variable:
Name - DataType - SubType
PurchPriceRec - Record - Purchase Price

Code added on “Purchase Price” - OnAfterGetRecord (as the very first thing):
PurchPriceRec := “Purchase Price”;
IF PurchPriceRec.“Item No.” = “Item No.” THEN

Thanks for you’re reply Alex, its working now.[:)]