Preventing reminders with balances not outstandin

NAVISION 3.60 Moin: Creating reminders with Options|Posting Date 20.01.06 and the option Only Entries with Overdue Amounts NAVISION also creates records with due date 19.01.06 and 20.01.06 although in Sales & Receivables|Setup|Reminder Terms|Code|Levels Grace Period is set to 3D. So the reminding date for these Customer Ledger Entries still hasn’ been reached. The appropriate Reminder Terms Code is set correctly in the customer’s record. Obviously this only happens with customers who have Ledger Entries that are reminded correctly. I.E. when a customer has a single Customer Ledger Entry of let’s say 20.01.06 no reminder record is created. Is it possible to change this? Regards Alarich

Hi Alarich, yes, it is possible to change this. You need to add some code in Codeunit 392, Function MakeReminder. (I don’t have 3.6 Version around, so the solution here is from 3.70) IF CustLedgEntry.Positive AND (CALCDATE(ReminderLevel."Grace Period",ReminderDueDate) < ReminderHeaderReq."Document Date") THEN MakeDoc := TRUE ELSE // Show only overdue entries IF OverdueEntriesOnly THEN CustLedgEntry.MARK(FALSE); // End Customization Regards Daniel