prevent system from deleting an invoiced order also prevents it from issuing a CN against the order in Ax 2009


I don’t want my users to delete PO/SO after it has been invoiced, for this I have set “Safety level of Invoiced orders” to “Locked” on updates tab of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Parameters page. Now system does not allow to generate CN against an invoiced order, through (SO/PO)>functions>Create Credit Note. Is there any way forward except that I will have to set “Safety level of Invoiced orders” to “None” or “Warning”, coz in that case I will not be able to prevent users from deleting an invoiced order.


Create a return order

Create a free text invoice

The option you are choosing adds a negative line and reopens the order - if this is part of your process then you cannot allow invoiced orders to be locked as you reopen them [:D]