Prevent Stockout warning for some items

Hi, I want to disable the stockout warning for some items. I have made a field in the item card (‘NonStock’) and want to disable the stockout warning for items with a checkmark in this field. So I then need to put some code somewhere to do this. Does anybody know in which CU and trigger I can do this ? PS I know I can put a checkmark in the sales&recivables setup to prevent this message, but that would apply to all items … regards, Bjarte F

You have to do some coding yourself. Take a look into codeunit 311, function SalesLineCheck.

Thanks for the reply ! I exported all the codeunits to a txt file and edited this file. Here I found that what happened was fireing up form 342. This also led me to CU 311. I then did this (I use the Statistics Group field to mark items …): C/AL Globals: Name DataType Subtype Length IT Record Item StatSjekk Integer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SalesLineCheck(SalesLine : Record “Sales Line”) IT.SETFILTER(IT.“No.”,SalesLine.“No.”); IF IT.FIND(’-’) THEN StatSjekk:=IT.“Statistics Group”; IF (StatSjekk <> 1) THEN BEGIN IF CheckItemAvail.SalesLineShowWarning(SalesLine) THEN BEGIN OK := CheckItemAvail.RUNMODAL = ACTION::Yes; CLEAR(CheckItemAvail); IF NOT OK THEN ERROR(Text000); END; END;