Prevent Stock Out.

Hi everybody, If I check mark in the stock out warning field in the sale&receivable setup then the program will show a message when the item is out.I want to know the methods about the prevention of stock out.If the item is out then I will not enter the entries or can not post the entries. Thanks for any helps. Thirawat Onrahoong

The stock out warning is used to notify the user if inventory exists when completing a Sales Order line, item journal, mfg consumption jnl. Navision will uses Location Code, Item No., Variant Code and Unit of Measure to determine inventory exists to satisify the demand. The stock warning will not prevent the user from over-riding the warning. Nor will it prevent transactions from taking inventory levels negative.

Hi, I think you can use the reservation handling for this. If the item is reserved then Navision will not allow posting for quantity that haven’t been reserved. Regards Daniel

You can modify the Stockout Warning so that it is only possible to select No, ie take out the Yes button. This will prevent stock outs but it takes away the flexibility if you wish to be able to sell into negative. Cheers Peter