Prevent printing invoices for certain customers

Hi there,

I’m new using Dynamics AX 2012 and I just got my first customisation request, I have a customer that needs to control printing invoices by going to Account Reveivables - Periodic - Invoice Update - Invoices.

The customer needs to add a check box in CusTable “Print invoice”, The new customization has to make sure to print invoices only for those having the checkbox thicked.

What class should I customize, I nedd your help, thanks in advance.

I have open a AX 2012 R3, and that menu path don’t exist. That option is a standard feature ?

That option already exists in AX standards, here’s the path:

If open that report, choose the option select. You can try to execute excluding records a bases on particular field. Did you tried that ?

First fo all, I thank you for your prompt reply

The user doesn’t have to be aware about the list of customers to exlude while printing. The idea behind that customization is to create a Batch dialog that allows to print the invoice onlyfor customers having the parameter: “print Invoice” thicked.

1550666Printing and Posting is controlled in class SalesFormLetter_Invoice, you can change the priting method to control the printing based on customer options.

Additionally, in customer Print Management, did you tried to override settings ( by selecting do not print ) ?