Prevent pallet transfer to certain locations while still allowing Inventory Transfer Journals?

We are trying to implement a process where we want to force our users to use “Inventory Transfer Journals” instead of “Move Pallet” to transfer products to certain locations. This is because with Transfer Journals, we are able to have better visibility of products going in/out of these specific locations - with timestamps. We do not get this easy visibility if “Move pallet” function is used.

Is it possible to prevent pallet transfers (move pallet) to these specific locations? I tested using “Pallet type group” and it was unsuccessful:

  • created a new “Pallet type”, assigned it to a new “Pallet type group”

  • assigned these Pallet type groups to new Pallets.

  • tried to transfer these new pallets (using Move Pallet function from the Pallet form) to a Location with a different “Pallet type group”

AX did not block this transfer.

We do not want to use a different warehouse since our scan system does not work between multiple warehouses.

Thank you for your help.