Pressing a key does not jump to the next entry starting with that letter

Hello together,

currently I’m struggeling with Nav 5.0 on SQL server. When I’m in any form which shows options,properties, record zoom, or even in the C/AL symbol menu, I was used to see the active entry changed when pressing a letter key on the keyboard.


When you are in the properties of a textbox control and pressed the “S” key several times, it jumps to the next following entry starting with an “S” like “SourceExpr”.

This does not happen in the SQL Server Option.

Any ideas ?

I’m guessing that it must be an individual setting on your machine or something like that, as I do not encounter this issue on version 5.0 on the SQL option.

It is a weird one isn’t it!

I just found out that this feature is Case Sensitive in 5.0 SQL option (:S)

Anyway my collation settings for the database are:

Collation Type: Windows
Validate Code Page: Yes

Collation Description: “Afrikaans, Basque, Catalan, Dutch, English, Faeroese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese”

Binary: Yes
Case-sensitive: No
Accent-sensitive: No

OK, now I removed the “Binary” checkmark and the search is not case-sensitive anymore.

Thx. for your help