Prepayment vendor invoice posting error when change management is enabled

We are using change management for purchase order approval process.
While trying to post vendor prepayment invoice, we are facing the following issues:
If the purchase order is not confirmed, system throws the following error.

“Purchase order is no longer confirmed”.
If we post the prepayment invoice after confirmation of order, then the system throws another type of error.

(ie) “Changes to the document are only allowed in state Draft, because change management is activated.”
Is there any setup to be modified to overcome this issue.
If we try the prepayment invoicing process without change management and approval process, we can able to post it. But we need the approval process for our purchase orders.

  1. Try using the “Approve purchase order, editable” element instead. you will be able to post purchase order invoice after confirmation…

  2. If you are not using CU3 Feature pack apply the hotfix KB2699829

We are using “approve purchase order,editable” element. Still we are facing the same problem.

Let us try the Hotfix and revert.

We applied the hotfix. Restarted the services. Then also we are facing the same problem.[:(]

Can any one suggest the solution?

I have encountered this in AX2012 CU6 Environment… is there any hotfix available for CU6?

Hi Siva and Donn,

Do you have hotfix for this issue?

Best regards,

Jr Barte