Prepayment rounding error


Having problems with posting an invoice that has a prepayement. I can re-create the error in Cronus as follows:

Enter a sales order for any customer,any item. Qty is 1 and the line price is 96.86. The line discount is 25%. Post a prepayment invoice for the whole order. This says the invoice value is 72.64, Now try to ship/invoice the order. Get error msg to say the discount amt cannot be greater than 72.64…

What appears to be happening is that when trying to post the order, the line value is being calculated as 72.645 and rounded up to 72.65 and so does not match the prepayment invoice…( 96.86 - 25% = 72.645 )

I have tried to untick the round option and the invoice rounding to say 0.02 but still getting this error.

Has anyone else come across this problem and fixed it?

Any help most welcome,