Prepayment journal voucherpre


can any buddy define, why ‘‘prepayment journal voucher’’ check is not working in Ax2012. while we were using the same in Ax2009 .

AP->payment journal → Lines → payment → prepayment journal voucher



What do you mean by check is not working? Please elaborate.

Kranthi thx for reply. yar i have found that some customization has been done in earlier stage in ax2009, and after update in ax2012 it has been missing to update… now ill just to customize the same , inshAllah issue will be resolved.


kindly ignore my above post , as it has been come into my knowledge that the feature is available in ax2012 and ax2009.

but again the question is open, why it is not working in ax2012?

What is not working for you? What problem do you see?

You need to explain your problem to get proper response.

when i go to pay a payment to any vendor through payment journal in advance, i mark check at prepayment journal voucher in Payment tab.

in Ax2009, when i mark, prepayment journal voucher , whatever the debit amount, it calculates automatically according to the withholding tax percentage and change into Debit field.

but in ax2012, when i mark the prepayment journal voucher, it shows the same message that go and settle open invoices first.

Note : i have fixed AP->parameters-> ledger and sales tax → payment journal voucher

I don’t see any such error in standard. Can you confirm the error is not related to any of your customization?

Can you also post the total error?

actually there is no error, when i check mark, Debit amount must be calculated automatically according to the WHTax , but its not working.

Have a developer to debug and see why it is not working as per your requirement.