Prepayment Credit memo

Hi all,

I have a problem about prepayment credit memo. First of all our partners only told us on how to create a sales prepayment but they forgot to tell us on how to create credit memo against it. *I assume they didn’t because they didn’t give us the manual book about prepayment credit memo.

I think creating a prepayment credit memo and invoice credit memo is similar, so I told to all of my user to do the same thing if they want to credit memo an invoice and there is no error within the process.

we created a new order and start to create the right prepayment the problem is there is an error when cancelling the old order,(in order to cancelling some documents, we are decreasing the order quantity to 0 so the outstanding order and qty for that order is 0).

Finally I figure it out how to create a proper prepayment credit memo, so now we are in the right track, but how about the old sales order? is there any solution to decrease the qty?

oya, I am using NAV 2009 R2 with sql-database



Hello yosa

SHIFT+F12 table sales line is best way to decrease qty