prepayment amount.

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Prepayment processor according to manual :

Create a sales order with a prepayment requirement.

  1. Send a prepayment invoice for the prepayment amount to the


  1. The customer pays the prepayment amount.

  2. Apply the prepayment amount to the sales order.

  3. Ship the order to the customer.

  4. Create a sales invoice for the total amount of the sales order minus the prepayment amount.

  5. Receive payment from the customer and post the payment to the

sales order.

i could not understand that 6 th statement.

for eample i total sales order amount = 1000 LCY , i received as prepayment = 500 LCY, still he has to pay = 500 LCY

how to enter that amount 500 lcy , where i need to enter that amount.

please throw some information on this.

Look there are two ways in Sales & receivables setup u have boo lean check prepayment, system’s process and posting depends on this. If u don’t check this boolean then u will be posting a prepayment invoice e.g. 50 % of 4000 i.e. 2000 system will allow u to post rest of the amount without payment.

If u check that boolean then for an invoice of 4000 if u have mentioned 50% as prepayment then as process u will first create a prepayment invoice and now when u will try to post the invoice completely system wil throw error it will ask u to make a payment against that 50% i.e. once u do that , after ur complete invoicing ur customer balance will be 2000.

In any case u r never supposed to enter that amoutn to calculate the % field is given on header.

Thanks Kapil,

I place acheck mark In sales & receivable setup.

I created a sles order , amount = 1000 LCy . on 01/05/05

I need prepayment advance = 500 LCy now i posted prepayment invoice . so customer ledger entries created.

On 05/05/05/ I received payment from customer , that amount = 500 LCY.

one 06/05/05 , i need to ship the material so when i try to click the post button system throws one error.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

There are unpaid Prepayment Invoices related to Order 1009.


In invoicing Tab i had enter the fields Applies to Doc Type , Applies to DOc No.

why still system throws this error.

Please let me know.

No u don’t fil in aaply to doc type and aaplied to id , to avoid this prepayment came and have some additional features as well. And did u receive the payment against the prepaid invoice ? if u would have done so this wudn’t had happened.

Thanks Kapil,

I could not understand what u have written.

please throw some light on this to solve this issue.

To understand try this practically. Create 2 invoices one with boolean checked. But after each and every step notice the impact before proceeding further. U will get crystal clear explaination. Sometimes only throery or theoritical explaination doens’t help u.


1 - create the prepayment invoice - you have done this.

This means you send the invoice to the customer for prepayment prior to you sending the goods - so no error messages, just the system working.


2 - process the payment from the customer who has received the prepayment invoice.