Prepayment amount is not in whole amount when tring to post the invoice.


I have a problem on posting the Purchase Invoice.

Initially, I created a prepayment of 25% of the whole order. (purchase order).

ex. Whole order amount is 1,000.00

Prepayment amount is 250.00

Then when I’m about to post the invoice, I ran the test report first, the prepayment amount is not 250.00 it is only 75.00

Supposed to be it should be 250.00 right?

Can anyone help me on this…

Thanks a lot in advance.


Are you posting from Purchase Invoice or Order?

How did ypu create Invoice?

I’m not posting the invoice from my Purchase Order.

  1. Create PO.

  2. Post prepayment Invoice.

  3. Post receipt the items from PO.

  4. Create Purchase Invoice, get receipt lines.

  5. Run test report before posting.

Then there the error occur.

Thank you for the reply… :slight_smile:


Well, I simply tested it in NAV2009R2 IN version database and was showing 250 only against prepayment.

You can got o Posted Invoices and check the prepayment invoice amount…

Prepayment Invoice amount is 250.00.

I checked the posted invoices plus the vendor ledger entry. same amount.

So you are getting 75 only in Test report from Purchase invoice?

Is that test report customized?

I checked if the the report was modified, But it is not.

Is that standard report?

What is the report ID?

yes. It is a standard report. (Report 402 Purchase Document - Test Report)