"Preparing to install..." error in WTS

Dear all, We are trying to install Windows Terminal Services (WTS) so out-of-state clients could access Navision (Version US 3.01.A). I have installed Navision Client on the Terminal Services Server and everytime I login (as Admin directly to the server itself) or even when the same user is changing companies in Navision in the same database (Ctrl-O) we are getting an annoying “Preparing to install…” error message. It looks like it is trying to install Navision everytime. It runs for a minute or two and then opens company or allows access. I checked the fin.exe file and it is located on the C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client folder. Is there a known bug for Navision in WTS? Do I need to check Service Packs or anything like it? Please help. Sincerely, Denis Petrov

There is a fix for this in 3.10, I am not sure if it was fixed in 3.01. It may be worth your moving to the 3.60 executables if it isn’t.

Dear David, thanks for your reply! How hard will that be considering that we have quite a few custom reports and tables done in 3.01?


Originally posted by David Singleton
There is a fix for this in 3.10, I am not sure if it was fixed in 3.01. It may be worth your moving to the 3.60 executables if it isn’t.

Thanks again![:)] Denis Petrov

You (almost) never have to worry about the customizations in Your database just to change executables. It’s a good habit to allways upgrade executables.

Hi folks, I am also new to Navision and new to my job which has an existing Navision system. The current environment that is setup is Windows NT 4.0 server running Citrix 1.8. We are experiancing a great deal of issues with printing between differant client operating systems and differant printer drivers from HP depending on the vintage of printers and available drivers some are supportted and some are not support on 2000/98. As we are only supporting 30 concurrent users I am looking at changing the environment to having all of the clients on windows 2000, and using Terminal server on 2000 and dropping the cirtix environment for other uses than just navision. I have it all setup but am experiancing the same issue as Denis where everytime I start the client a small installation program runs even on the console. Also when I try going in as a user the client wont launch at all, it mist be trying to write to a particular location on the server and the users dont have a particular missing permission. You refer to a fix for the client version 3.10 did you mean this problem was fixed or that their is a fix we can download. This is the only thing stopping me from rolling out a test environment to my customer base. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Andrew

Search this forum for “install terminal” and you get lots of solutions without doing an upgrade. The best one is doing a manual install with a batch file (solved our problem with 3.01, 3.10, 3.60, 3.70).