Preparations for an upgrade for Navision Attain

Hi, Can anyone tell me what are the steps the client should take and prepare themselves before the upgrade?. If there is a checklist that would be of great help, pls advise. Thanks Ram

Hi, There is documentation available in the installation CD for upgrade process.

And before that use Dev. Toolkit to analyze all new fields in standard tables and all new tables and how they are used. Document everything carefully so You have a plan to work after and something to use when testning.

And of course organize and carry out…user re-training! [}:)] If you are going from Financials to a 3.XX version, you will need to go though with them the fact that there are some major logical changes, especially with regards to the ledger tables. There is no point in upgrading of your users cannot use it! [:D]

Oh and get someone else to do it! [:D]


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Oh and get someone else to do it! [:D]

that’s a good one, I find upgrading very tiring and time consuming at times. Especially if the database 'm upgrading has lots of customizations.

Hi … Thanks for that… i did find the document in the installation cd.The document explains the technical side of it. And apart from the technical documentation can anyone there, having gone thru the doing upgrades several times can give me inputs from the customer’s perspective, as how they need to prepare themselves. Like even timing to go for an upgrade For Eg. - To avoid doing upgrades during year end’s or month end - Create back up’s etc… What would be the top 10 points that you will advise the client to get prepared before an upgrade. Thanks in advance… Ram

Ram, pointers may vary from person to person, I think the following are true generally: of course you should do a backup of the old database; know the version of the old db, study the procedures of upgrading this version to the newer version and pinpoint possible effects on the old db’s data; if possible, do the upgrading when the client is not using the database (it’ll be annoying if you have upgraded the databases and then knowing that the data you upgraded is not the most recent ones) :slight_smile:

I’ve been through a couple - i typically follow these steps - 1. Schedule with client. 2. Review clients current modifications and new version of Navision. With this step you may be able to eliminate modifications that are no longer being used or are part of Navision in the new version. 3. Upgrade Objects. 4. Convert Data. 5. Test Upgraded Objects/Data with client. This step is very important - i’ve found that it’s very easy to miss modifications in upgrade - schedule time with the client, they will appreciate this step. It’s also an opportunity for them to get to know the new version. 6. After fully testing Upgraded Objects/Data - perform final data conversion.

I don’t know what your upgrading from but I know we needed to upgrade to a better server. so a look at the hardware wouldn’t hurt.