preclosure of Purchase and Sales order

Hi All,

I want to preclose the purchase & Sales order, How can that be done.

As per my client , From new financial year they will open new order and will close the previously existing order… How that can be done

Say a Customer Orders for 100 units of item number X.
A sales order is generated for 100 units.
Until March end 50 units are shipped and invoiced to the customer.
Now i need to close the order.

I tried to enter total quantity as 50 as order quantity (To run Delete purchase order batch Job), but it say shipment already exist for the order.

I deleted the Shipment - What would be effect if i delete the Shipment.

After deleting the Shipment , The Sales order Accepts the quantity as 50. But Still the order does not gets deleted even if i run Delete Purchase order Batch Job process

Can some one suggest me a solution for it



Hi Vijay,

You’re are already going in the right direction

As for Sales Orders:

Make sure that Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced is 0.

As for Purchase Orders:

You need to make sure that Qty. Rcd. Not Invoiced = 0.

And if you’re using Reservations, then you also need to check that nothing was reserved against this PO.

Please look at te thread

There is some more info about closing/deleting POs/SOs not completely received/shipped.