Hi, I am almost in tears now… i have been working on 3.6 ww beta version and trying to develope new ideas.Being a developer also i am so helpless that i lost my database.i wrote a code in onopen of main menu which will run depending on time field in a table.Since the time has passed according to the data in the table when i tried to log in,it always goes to infinite loop and no response.That means the rest of all developement i had in the database has gone… vanished… :frowning: what if it was clients database and that is the only copy !!! I think we should really think about this issue and try to get some points to avoid this to happen… did anyone face the same problem ? Lakshmi Valluru

Hi Lakshmi, as you mentioned the main menu and dependence on data there is still at least one chance (c/front); but please try this first: - Delete you zup-file - start the client - select file menu - database - open to connect to your database (if running on the server, connect to your server) - login Now you are connected to your Database without having choosen a company. You can modify the objects with the designer. A more complicated, but doable way is to connect via cfront and change the data in the table or, but then you loose your changes in the main menu, upload an unmodified main menu form to your database. Kind regards Walter


That means the rest of all developement i had in the database has gone… vanished… :frowning: what if it was clients database and that is the only copy !!! I

This could never happen, if you obey that one ond most important law to all software developers: NEVER DO ANY DEVELOPMENT ON A AKTIVE SYSTEM!!! e.g. in our case: - we do all development on a Development-System: contains all objects (and new modules), but only few test data - after development the objects are copied to a Test-System, which is a copy of the aktive System - if all Tests were successfull, then the new objects are implemented in the Active System Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP Edited by - stryk on 2002 Aug 15 10:14:00


what if it was clients database and that is the only copy !!!

Then they have brought the doom upon themselves.

When making loops (esp WHILE) I usually write some tmp-code that enables me to break - e.g. via “IF CONFIRM() THEN ERROR(’’);”. If the loop behaves as intended the tmp-code is deleted.

Hello, I would just like to make the following observations: 1.) I never develop on an active system - even if I am at a client’s site. All work is done on a test system. Changes are loaded at the customer’s discretion, testing and approval. 2.) If I spend more than a day working on a copy of a customer’s database (Either configuring or developing on it), I periodically back up the database in case it gets lost or corrupted. I may also wish to ‘undo’ something I have done. It may be simpler to revert to a copy made a few hours ago, than to try to “put the toothpaste back in the tube”. -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Microsoft Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

Hi Everyone… I never do the same to the clients databases.It was my copy of DB.As one of our friends said… i need to delete the zup file and check.I know that this is not the right way to work on only one copy… but what i expected from all of u is … “should there be any precausions or alert messages when we close the database or modify an object”. What i was trying to do is to run a process as long as the database is open,no matter what we r working on.For ex: doing an order or running the report.Is it possible?I dont want to leave a form open for that process. The process can be for example popup a message saying “congrajulations!!!” for every 15 minutes. Does it make sence ??? Lakshmi Valluru

I guess that you have not created any users! If you have then it it’s possible to use C/Front or C/ODBC to update the field “Main Menu ID” in the “User Setup” table. Just update it another form, i.e. Customer Card. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Hi Lakshmi I hope you have got into your database by deleteing your zup file. Navision 3.1 and so possible 3.6 has a timer OCX which is used fo NAS. You can use this ocx from a persistant codeunit to periodicly run code. Be warned never ever ever ever put a commit in any code run like this. Paul Baxter

Hi Lakshmi, From the info. given you, it looks you have put the code on “CompanyOpen” trigger. So As walter pointed out,the solution is to log into the database and not open/select any company(Don’t Press F12 either). If you can see your UserID(if any defined earlier) or blank check Tools–>Obj. Dsgnr. Delete codeunit 1 and import cu 1(.fob) from similar version and then only close the database if you close before you import, you are lost totally. Anyway, what’s the message you are getting when you logged in? Regards

Hi Rahim, thank you very much.As u can c the time i logged this call,by then i was absolutely exhausted…and didnot think of deleting the zup day i spoke to Paul Baxter and sorted… Lakshmi Valluru

Triff: “Be warned never ever ever ever put a commit in any code run like this.” why?

Hi Lakshmi… Now you know, what you should not do on Active Databases, Hard way to learn haha… Venax

hey lakshmi, Nice to hear about your new ideas!! but be careful… Cheers

hi lakshmi, great work and keep it up!!! reagrds kanta

Hi folks just back from two weeks hols and catching up on every thing. Never ever put the commit in code that runs on a timer and why? Ok commit will commit your copy of all the tables in the database. Think what happens if you are half way through posting and your on timer code runs. If that code has a commit in it then it will cause problems, proberbly an inconsistancy error, but may be not. Do you see. If you realy do what to use a commit in the timer code or any code that can run unexpectedly then lock the number series table as posting routienes lock this. Paul Baxter