Pre Processing Checklist in Ax2009

Hi All,

I am upgrading ax2009 to 2012.I run pre processing upgrade checklist the below error comes.

Error executing code: ReleaseUpdateTransformDB50_Lean (object) has no valid runable code in method ‘initTransformationJobs’.

(S)\Classes\SysCheckListItem_CreateShadowTables\populateScripts - line 20
(S)\Classes\ReleaseUpdateCockpit\init - line 12
(C)\Classes\SysSetupFormRun\init - line 3
(C)\Classes\ReleaseUpdateCockpitLoader\main - line 85
(C)\Classes\SysHelp\processMenuFunction - line 85
(C)\Classes\SysHelp\processStandardLink - line 18
(C)\Classes\SysHelp\processOnEventNavigate - line 40
(C)\Classes\SysHelp\onEvent_BeforeNavigate2 - line 27

Please give me the suggestions how to resolve this.

Ensure yourself that you have Lean Manufacturing in your environment. If not, you shouldn’t have imported these pre-upgrade scripts and you have to remove them.

If you have Lean Manufacturing, compile the application. And if compilation errors are still there, take look into code to see what’s the problem.

would you please explain in detail?

from where to we get the preprocess update checklist option?

@rajesh: Please consult AX2012 Upgrade Guide.

thank’s martin