Pre-Printed report alignment is running out ?

A Pre-Printed RDLC report is designed in Letter format, when we take print out from the User Systems, for some user it’s printing exactly, for some users alignment in running out.

Ex :- When we are taking the Print from User A it’s printing exactly (as in required places).

When we are generating report from another User B, the alignment is running out.

Please provide me the solution for this ?


Is the situation only user id dependent, or does it work different if user a signs in on user b’s workstation? Unless of course you run using remote desktop?

Also which version of NAV is this about? You tagged it with both NAV 2016 and NAV 2009, or are they using both? In case of NAV 2009, is it the classic or remote desktop clients?

The issue is typically not directly related to NAV, but how the users printers are defined. So it’s also important if to know if they are printing to the same printers or different printers. The issue could also be related to different versions of the printer drivers.

Sorry to give you more questions than answers, but without knowing the answers, then we can only guess. :slight_smile:

Hi, Erik
i think it’s not user id depended because if the User B login into the User A system and print the report it’s working fine and the raised issue is belong to Nav 2016.

If not user depended, then it could either be related to the Windows settings or the printer settings?
Are they printing to the same printer?

Yes users are connected to same printer…