PR workflow and PO Workflow

Dear All

My client’s requirement is to run Purchase requisition workflow and after the PR approves it will create a PO. Now he needs Purchase order workflow for approval. But standard AX is showing the PO status Approved.

Is there any solution that I will run the PO workflow after the PR approval.


Ali Danish

It can be done through technical consultant, you can customize the workflow and create a new one.


As far as I know, standard AX (2012 R2) will do what you are looking for.

Once the PR gets converted to a PO, you have to click CONFIRM button, to confirm and print it, BUT SINCE WORKFLOW IS ENABLED , you cannot click this button.

Try to activate the WF for PO and make a manual PO first (without PR) and make sure the WF is working properly on PO, then convert a PR to PO and check.


Dear Ali,

Enable Activate change management in the Procurement and sourcing parameters and design the PO workflow as per your requirement. Once the PO is Released/Created from PR, it can be further processed for PO approval. Try and let me know.

Does the override settings for change management are enabled on vendor? (look at the setup tab of purchase order header → for Active change management value)

Only the purchase orders created by firming a planned purchase order will be auto approved.