PR to PO AX 2012R2


I have question for you regarding PR’s, if I have 3 or 5 PR’s from different users or locations and all of them have a common item in it, when I make a PO it creates 3 or 5 different lines in the purchase lines but it is difficult to send such PO’s to a vendor where same item is repeating again and again with same or different quantities.

Have you faced this issue or know any work around for this?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Vishal Mehta

As per my analysis, your requirement can not be fulfilled in standard AX(99% sure [:)]). It creates 3 lines in the PO though 3 PR lines that are selected is for the same item.

But, I feel that there are some valid reasons which makes this functionality little tougher. Combining all the PRs of the same item could be possible in very less cases i.e., only when the PR lines have the same Inventory dimensions and Financial dimensions. In case, if the multiple PR’s have different inventory and financial dimensions you can not expect them to be combined them as it impacts other things. So, here the case is only if you have the same item with same inventory and financial dimensions.

Despite all the reasons, i agree with you that MS could have still provided some way to consolidate the multiple PR lines of same item.

Anyone, please correct me if in case this can be done in standard AX.