PR steps needed

Hi to all,

As i new to AX please i need your help & inputs.

I’ve created one PR in AX 2009. AP–common forms – PR details and selected items and clicked on Submit button, then the status changed from Draft to Submitted.

After submitting… How to approve it? from where i need to approve it? please help me. I tried to see them in Release Approved PR details form. but i did not find my requisition ? from where i need to approve it? do i need to create journal for this to approve? if so how to do it>?

Please let me know steps after submitting it … i mean after submitting step to till i can create PO. or share document (if any)

Thank you all in advance.


That will all depend upon your workflow configuration and where you have set the system up to send it.

Hi adam,

Its in my laptop. I’m practicing in my laptop.

how to setup the workflow configuration in order to get through from PR submitted status to PR approve?


it is a large topic, you need to set up all of the rules, conditions, approvers etc etc. Have a look at what is set, where it is going and that will answer your next step question.

Hi Srikar,

PR are approved using workflow mechanism. It is in the workflow design where we define who can approve the workflow, say for PR.

Once submitted, an alert is generated and the approver will get to know that he has to take some action on a workflow.



Thanks adam and pranav.

IF you guys have any document or link which can explain me the process in detail. I’m following TL material but getting failed in the process of Approve.


Srikar, As you are in self learning mode and working in your laptop, I’m not sure whether you have all required components for workflow. Below link will help you in setting the workflow.

But my sincere suggestion is you can skip the workflow configuration if it is not fully configured in ur system. Go on from RFQ and PO. In PRs you will just have a approval process which can be leart later.

By the way look at the section "Creating the “purhcase requisition workflow” in the link.

Santosh -

Hi Santosh,

Thanks for your update & links. Is it mandatory to setup PR workflow, without that cont we run PR? My friend said that, workflows will be prepared by technical guys. while they are preparing workflows they will take help of functional guys? how far its true? I think as a functional guy, i should know the process of workflow. don’t you think so?

I think it should be 1 time setup? is it or we need to setup for every item? I was practicing in CEU environment where some predefined Items are there. So where do we create them? is it in Item form only or in any other form?

Please guide me.



To create the workflow for Purchas requisition, you need to follow the process that i specified in that link. Workflow configuration normally can be done by functional consultants where as the prerequisites setup will be by technicals.

You can not process the PR without having the workflow. I agree that as a functional guy, you should know it, but when you are practicing, there is lot more to know than PRs. It is my personal opinion as i dont want you to kill your time on configuring the workflows.

Any suggestions from other pioneers to this smart newbie of AX :).